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Paediatric Chiropractic in Mascot, Sydney

Doctor with parent and babyHelping babies grow with better spinal alignment and the improved nervous system function that comes with a properly aligned spine can often have a huge impact on the trajectory of their lives. The nervous system is the first system to develop in utero, and it goes on to direct all the growth, development and functions of your child’s body for the rest of their life.

During their first year, your baby’s brain will double in size as their spine lengthens by about 50%, and along with these physical changes, many developmental milestones occur during this first year: they learn to roll, crawl, sit up, walk, talk and eat solid foods, to name a few.

At Inborn Vitality, our caring chiropractors have advanced training in paediatric care, so they are here to help your child navigate these changes with greater ease and better health.

Making Life Easier for the Whole Family

When a baby is unsettled, cries a lot or doesn’t eat or poop well, it’s not just the baby who is affected – the whole family can feel distraught, exhausted and full of doubt. By restoring proper spinal alignment and removing the interferences in the nervous system that can lead to issues like latching problems, digestive issues and more, our goal is to help the whole family enjoy this time together instead of feeling like there’s no hope.

Adjusting baby on mom

Our Approach

We cater to you and your baby’s needs, and we let them take the lead – if they need a cuddle before we begin or a nappy change, that’s not a problem. We want them to feel safe and comfortable when they’re with us, so we’ll never rush them.

The examination will include checks of your infant’s hips, spine and cranial-dural system and their primitive reflexes. The exams and our adjusting techniques are gentle, age-appropriate methods that are beneficial and comfortable methods for your little one.

Take the First Step

Help your child establish a firm foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing – contact us today to book their first appointment.


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